When I was searching for a bathing suit for summer, I ran into a little snag:  to start, all the cute suits I found were over my budget (apparently 40's & 50's suits are $$$).  That got me to thinking that I could just make my own bathing suit from a vintage pattern.  Most of the bathing suit patterns were  around $75 or not my size exactly (and I don't know how to grade a pattern), so it wasn't as easy as I had imagined.  BUT, the world wide web is wonderful for finding needles in haystacks, so below are 6 patterns I am going to pick one from. This summer, I plan on making one of these beauties! Help me pick! Which one do you ladies like the best?

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1. 1940's bikini pattern

2.  1950's romper bathing suit pattern 

3. 1950's with skirting pattern

4. 1950's romper bathing suit pattern

5. 1950's with skirting pattern

6. 1950's romper bathing suit pattern

If Money weren't an issue, I would call one of these cute suits below mine!  But, alas they are all magical and over a hundred dollars...but if they are in your budget...what are you waiting for!!!?


1. Pink & White Romper Suit

2. Striped & Polka Dot Romper Suit

3. Blue Striped Skirted 50's Bathing Suit

4. Pale Pink 50's Bathing suit

Next on my list of crafty things to do this summer is try some embroidery.  I have long been thinking about trying this and now that I am thinking about starting my own little family in the next year or so, It really makes me want to learn so I can embroider some pieces with the new little one's name on it.  Plus, I have always really loved the antique girls embroidered on pillows and it would be great to make something like that. I remember finding Sublime Stitching years and years ago when they first started and ordering a few kits from them and it was I might get this kit and try a pillow or a tea towel to start.  Do any of you embroider? Is there anything I should know...any great tips?


1.  Embroidered cushion pillow

2.  Embroidered tea towel

3.  Embroidered Muslin towel

4.  Sublime Stitching has patterns, kits a cool blog and all kinds of info on getting started with embroidery! 

 Okay, off I go!  I am going to drop by and see Hannah today at her shop The Loved One in Pasadena!  We are going to be shooting this Saturday and we have to make plans.  Fun!  I love when friends from Nyc come into town.  Oh how I miss New York!