Hey everyone!  
Yes it's me in a pink leotard...always, these days!  haha  Ever since my friend Sarah Sophie Flicker introduced me to ballerina MaryHelen Bowers's amazing Ballet Beautiful , I have been in ballet slippers pretty much on a daily basis.  I work out usually 3-4 days a week and it is truly becoming a priority for me.  I feel so much better after a BB helps strengthen not only your body, but also your outlook on life.  I highly suggest looking into buying either a DVD of Ballet Beautiful or taking classes.  I take classes online and if I am in Nyc then I go to the classes in the studio.  But either way, even if it is just buying one of MaryHelen's BB dvds, it is SOOO worth it!  And of course it so much fun getting into your leotard and ballet slippers (yes I am SUCH a girl, but chances are you are too!!).  For cute leotards, I bought my pink one at a shop in town, but there are many different styles and colors of leotards online (like this shop) & (Capezio).  Ballet slippers:  Bloch & Capezio

Aside from working out ballet-style...I have been painting up a storm and making these headpieces for a shoot I am going to be doing this summer.  These ones shown above are completely unfinished, but they are getting closer...I am currently working on a third as well.  I try and take one day for painting and then one day for making the headpieces.  I finished one painting of Keiko Lynn and working on the rest still!  If any of you want a painted photo of mine or even just a print of any photo in my portfolio, let me know, as I am printing them and selling them now!

And if you have not seen the documentary film 'First Position' yet, go see it! (Trailer below).