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My work on the cover of 2 online magazines: Antler Magazine #5 Pioneer Issue  & N.E.E.T Magazine

Hey everyone!
I'm super excited to share this fun news with you paintings & photos were chosen to be in two online magazines this month!  Not only was my work included inside both magazines, but my images were selected for the covers as well!  I am completely honored and grateful to both Antler Magazine and N.E.E.T Magazine.

I'm sorry it has been so quiet on the blog...and it will continue to be thus, for awhile.  I am working on a book project and I can't share the images for the book until it comes out, which may be some time from now.  I am working 99.9% with film and in my own darkroom, processing my negatives, making big prints and painting.  I will begin to upload some of the other work I have been working on, at some point.  My current work is a departure from what you all are used to seeing me do.  I have not been shooting fashion and I have been working with a lot of black and white.  I am going to begin shooting color again shortly, and processing the color shots in the darkroom as well.  I am absolutely loving all of this darkroom work and, while it takes more time, thought and dedication, I consider it more satisfying.  Printing in the darkroom is an artform all on it's own, if you ask me.

I hope you all have been doing great!
Shae Shae