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Well, here it is...the worldwide launch of the Coach Holiday Blogger Campaign!  I still can't even believe that I am among the 10 bloggers that were chosen to be apart of the campaign that was photographed by Reed Krakoff and styled by Scott Newkirk.  The portraits of us are going to be in Coach stores insane!  It was a dream of a day...I got to hang out with some fabulous girls, have my nails done, dance around on set and watch the photography pro's to see how it's really done!  It was such an honor to be included with all of these bloggers and I learned so much.  Reed told me that he loved my photos I took for the Poppy project and the videographer (who is also a photographer) told me he looked at my photography portfolio and felt that I have "something special".  Both comments astounded me and certainly put a smile on my face!  I love the images Reed created... Gala, Kelly, Keiko and Rachel Nguyen  have the cutest videos and pictures, oh my gosh...I love the headpiece they put Gala in, the collar on Kelly and the gloves on Rachel!  I think Scott's styling was really fun and perfect for the holidays!  You can view all of our individual pages and Videos, Here.  You can view my personal page here.
Left: Me and Gala, Right: Reed said "dance!"...I was jumping and dancing for my portrait...not a surprise.
My dress at the party was a vintage 1950's sheer soft netting and embroidered lace dress, the underslip is vintage too)
(Coach Party Images taken by:  Billy Farrel Agency

The Coach Party on Friday night at the Soho store on prince Street was sooooo much fun!  Almost my entire family came!  Brett, my husband came out, and my brothers Gregory and Ezra were there, my sisters Ansley, Naoko and Anna, my niece Sakura and nephew Beau and my lovely and inspiring mom all made it too!  My dad had to watch my moms sick dog Pistol, so sadly, he couldn't make it.  I made flip books with Gala and her awesome boyfriend Mike, and it was so great to see Keiko Lynn, Kelly Framel (and meet her boyfriend Greg)...they are such talented girls!  Keiko made her outfit that night, and Kelly's ear ring piece was so amazing.  Me and Gala laughed a lot that evening, and I think my sister in law Naoko and my niece Sakura stole the show with their glamorous vintage outfits (they are so gorgeous it's crazy, I keep telling Naoko to start a all would LOVE her!). 

I want to thank Coach, Reed Krackoff and Vanessa Flaherty for a lovely evening and a really wonderful experience! 
Below is me being goofy...