6ft painted photo Collages

As a teenager I used to collage and paint on magazine photos all the time but only considered it a hobby.  Now that I am an artist full time I have been doing more and more of it.  I started working with bigger scales this spring and will be continuing this....it's fun to work big scale...but trickier too.

Here's one I completed recently...I need to get it framed and photographed so you can really see the details.  I'm hoping to put it in a show soon.  Here's a photo below of me and my dog Waylon in the studio in front of one of my recently finished 6 ft pieces.

Ny Magazine

I haven't blogged in ages.  Hope all you lovely people are doing great!  Just a little note to say I have some work in the newest issue of NY Magazine!  I photographed, collaged and painted 12 female musicians for Ny Magazine.  There are 6 printed pages in the May 18-31 issue and all of the images are also up on The Cut.

My First Magazine Cover!!!!

I am so excited!!  I have my first magazine cover shared with my girls, India Menuez and Hannah Kristina Metz, with Blink Magazine!  Former covers for the magazine have included works by artists Tim Walker, Alex Prager & Todd Hido.  So I am in good company...Woo!  :)  You can order a copy at www.blinkreflex.com